Group Menu

On the second floor of Pritsumaja Grill&Bar we offer catering for groups. The floor is cozy and private and it fits up to 80 people. There is possibility to use projector and speaker system therefore ideal for organizing different kind of events.


17 € / person

• Caesar salad with salmon 

• “Pritsumaja” schnitzel – baked potatoes, coleslaw, mushroom sauce 

• Cheesecake with seasonal berries

18 € / person

• Chicken salad with chicken

• Fish & Chips – salmon, french fries, marinated vegetables, garlic sauce

• Cheesecake with seasonal berries 

19 € / person

• Caesar salad with chicken 

• Pork tenderloin medallion- warm vegetable salad, marinated red cabbage, honey mustard sauce

• Cheesecake with seasonal berries

20 € / person

• Duck salad with strawberry, plum and green salad

• Grilled salmon fillet in teriyaki sauce with oven potatoes

• Grilled beef skewer – baked potatoes, green salad, marinated onion, barbeque sauce


Price includes: Coffee/tea, water, bread